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  CSC Facilities and Services Improvements
  Welcome back to the 2nd semester of 2005/2006!  In an effort to continuously improving our IT facilities and services for the students and staff, the Computer Service Centre has completed the following tasks before the start of the 2nd semester:
  Information Systems

- Enhancement of Student Information Enquiry (Webgrade system): added student evaluation form (e-Form), and class timetable enquiry
- Enhancement of Class Attendance Management System (CAMS) - revised operation flow in order to provide more flexible and efficient operations for the teachers and school administration


- Development of Contest Scoring System (successfully used in the 4th Macao-wide English Speech Contest); the system can be used for various competitions that need to keep and compute scores.  Interested schools can contact CSC for necessary arrangement.

  New IT Facilities
  Two new computer laboratories:
- a new Mac Lab. for the Music programme at the Magnificent Court Building

- a new PC Lab. for the School of Arts at the Complex Building (N33)
  Upgrading of existing labs:
- Two new and high performance network laser printers are installed in the self-study computer lab. at A213

- ESA Mac Lab (A215a) upgraded to Apple PowerMac G5

- CSP project Lab (A204) upgraded to new P4 computers

- CFCPE Lab. 25 upgraded to new P4 computers

- New LCD projectors installed in classrooms (N32 & N33) in Complex Building

- Multimedia software Ulead PhotoImpact 10, Video Studio 9, Cool 3D Production Studio & Pix Maker are installed in PC Labs
  For more information about hardware & software configuration of the computer labs, please refer to
  To be implemented and announced in the near future:

- Speed up Internet access at Headquarters campus by installing two more broadband lines (1 for staff, 1 for students)

- Speed up Internet access for the Music Programme of the School of Arts located at the Magnificent Court Building

- Network storage quota for the students will be increased

- All P3 desktops computers for staff will be replaced by P4 computers

- More aging LCD projectors in classrooms will be replaced by new and brighter LCD projectors

   The Computer Service Centre wishes all a joyful learning, teaching, and working semester ahead!

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