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Migration of Student Computer Accounts

  Notice: 18/2008                                 

CSC is going to deploy Microsoft Active Directory to replace the existing Novell NetWare starting from the 08/09 academic year.  The following items associated with student accounts will be affected by the migration to Microsoft Active Directory:

    • NetPassword (and Login Screen)
    • Network file storage
    • Network printing
  During the summer recess, all the computers in the labs and classrooms will have the Novell Client uninstalled and join the Microsoft Active Directory. The data on the Novell NetWare servers will be migrated to the Windows servers in August with further notice.
  There will be a period in the summer recess that students may not be able to use the computers that have already joint the Microsoft Active Directory to access the files stored on the network drives (U: drive), because the files have not been migrated to the Windows servers. CSC will keep the Novell Client on the computers in Lab A213 until after the data migration has completed. So students are suggested to use only Lab A213 to access their network drives during the summer recess.
  As a preventive measure, it is highly recommended that each student backup his/her personal data stored on the network drive at the end of this semester.

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact Mr. Joey Fong (Tel: 8599-6152) or Mr. Simon Fong (Tel: 8599-6231), or send email to Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation in advance.

  編號: 18/2008                                 
  資訊中心將於08/09學年開始使用Microsoft Active Directory,以代替現時使用的Novell NetWare。遷移至Microsoft Active Directory將會影響以下學生電腦帳戶的有關項目:
    • NetPassword(以及登入畫面)
    • 網絡文件儲存空間
    • 網絡打印服務
  在暑假期間,所有電腦室和課室的電腦將會移除Novell Client,並且連入Microsoft Active Directory。在8月份資訊中心會把Novell NetWare伺服器上的資料遷移至Windows伺服器,而在遷移資料之前將會另行通告。
  在暑假的某段期間,由於文件尚未遷移至Windows伺服器,學生可能不能使用已經連入Microsoft Active Directory的電腦存取網絡磁碟機(U: 磁碟機)上的文件。資訊中心會保留A213電腦室中的電腦的Novell Client,直至資料轉移的工作全部完成之後才移除。故此建議學生在暑假期間只使用A213電腦室存取他們的網絡磁碟機。

如有任何疑問,請聯絡馮傑文先生(電話:8599-6152)或馮啟文先生(電話:8599-6231),或發送電子郵件至。在此先多謝 閣下對我們工作的配合。

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