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  Temporary Stoppage of IT Services
  Notice Number: 26

Please kindly be informed that Computer Service Centre has scheduled to conduct electricity construction work on September 14 (Sunday). During that period, some IT services will be temporarily unavailable. Arrangements and services affected are listed as follows:

Date & Time: September 14, 2008 (Sunday), 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Services Affected:

. Network connections for all the computers in the labs, classrooms and offices in the Academic Building
. Network drives for administrative staff, academic staff and students of ESA, ESAP, ESCE, ESEFD and ESLT
. Network drives for Macintosh computers
. Course Management System for ACS
. Public Transport Vehicle Management System
. Tomcat server for ESCE E-commerce Program
. Oracle database server for ESAP Computer Studies Program

Should you have any enquiry regarding the above, please feel free to contact Mr. Joey Fong (Tel: 8599-6152) or Mr. Simon Fong (Tel: 8599-6231), or send email to

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our users.




. 教學樓電腦室、課室和辦公室所有電腦的網絡連線
. 藝術高等學校、公共行政高等學校、管理科學高等學校、體育暨運動高等學校和語言暨翻譯高等學校的行政人員、教學人員和學生的網絡磁碟機
. Macintosh電腦的網絡磁碟機
. 長者書院課程管理系統
. 公共實體車輛管理系統
. 管理科學高等學校電子商貿課程的Tomcat伺服器
. 公共行政高等學校電腦學課程的Oracle數據庫伺服器



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