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  Temporary Stoppage of IT Services
  Notice Number: 28
  Please kindly be informed that Computer Service Centre has scheduled to perform network core switch upgrade on October 2 (Thursday & Public Holiday). During that period, some IT services will be temporarily unavailable. Arrangements and services affected are listed as follows:
  Date & Time: October 2, 2008 (Thursday and Public Holiday), 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Services Affected:

. Network connections for all the computers in the labs, classrooms and offices in the Academic Building
. Network drives for administrative staff, academic staff and students of ESA, ESAP, ESCE, ESEFD and ESLT
. Network drives for Macintosh computers
. Course Management System for ACS
. Public Transport Vehicle Management System
. Tomcat server for ESCE E-commerce Program
. Oracle database server for ESAP Computer Studies Program


Should you have any enquiry regarding the above, please feel free to contact Mr. Voyage Io (Tel: 8599-6175), Kenny Io (Tel: 8599-6248) or Joey Fong (Tel: 8599-6152), or send email to

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our users.



  日期和時間:2008年10月2日 (星期四及公眾假期)上午9時至下午6時

. 教學樓電腦室、課室和辦公室所有電腦的網絡連線
. 藝術高等學校、公共行政高等學校、管理科學高等學校、體育暨運動高等學校和語言暨翻譯高等學校的行政人員、教學人員和學生的 網絡磁碟機
. Macintosh電腦的網絡磁碟機
. 長者書院課程管理系統
. 公共實體車輛管理系統
. 管理科學高等學校電子商貿課程的Tomcat伺服器
. 公共行政高等學校電腦學課程的Oracle數據庫伺服器



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