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  Cross-Campuses Data-Links Upgrade
  Notice Number: 09/2009

CSC has recently completed the installation of high speed data-links between MPI headquarters and branch campuses (ESA, ESS and CFCPE). The transfer rate of the data-link is 5Mbps which is 10 times faster than the original leased line.


After the upgrade, the access speed to the information services like SIGA, Webfund, TAMS, EDMS, CVMS and Email services should be increased significantly. Other information services, which consume lots of bandwidth, will be able to be accessed from branch campuses effectively. For example:


· Class Attendance Management System CAMS)
· Document Tracking System (DTS)
· Blackboard eLearning Platform
· Digital Signage
· Centralized Files and Systems Backup
· Centralized Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware System (SEP11)
· Microsoft Software Update Services (WSUS)
· Cross-campuses Network File Access and Printing Services

  Should there be any queries, please contact Voyage Io (Tel. 85996-175), Kenny Io (Tel. 8599-6248) or send email to for further information.

升級後,分校用戶使用資訊服務如學術事務管理系統 (SIGA)、財務資訊查詢系統(Webfund)、員工出勤系統(TAMS)、電子文件管理系統(EDMS)、學院場地管理系統(CVMS)及電子郵件等系統的速度將會有所提升。 另外,一些佔用帶寬較多的資訊服務也將可以有效地在分校運行,例如:

· 學生考勤管理系統 (CAMS)
· 文件追蹤系統(DTS)
· 網上學習平台管理系統 (Blackboard)
· 電子訊息廣播系統 (Digital Signage)
· 中央化的檔案及資料備份系統
· 中央化的防病毒及防間諜軟件管理系統 (SEP11)
· 微軟Windows軟件更新服務 (WSUS)
· 跨校區之網絡文件傳輸存取及打印服務


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