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  Installation of Infinity Digital Language Learning System in MLLabs at HQ
  Notice : 01/2010
  CSC is installing the “Infinity Digital Language Learning System” in all Multimedia Language Labs (A302, A307, A315 and B301) at Headquarters. This language system has been deployed in 7 Universities in Hong Kong. It provides multimedia broadcast, classroom control, language learning activities and centralized-control of voice recording, etc. It will replace the existing Hi-Class II system in MLLs. The new system is expected to be available in the 09/10 second semester (February 22, 2010).
  CSC will arrange training sessions of “Infinity DLL” for the teachers who need to use MLLs.
  Should there be any queries, please contact Voyage Io (Tel. 85996-175), Jack Tang (Tel. 8599-6225) or send email to for further information.
總部多媒體語言實驗室安裝 Infinity DLL語言系統
  資訊中心現正於總部的四個多媒體語言實驗室 (A302, A307, A315 & B301) 安裝一套名為 “Infinity Digital Language Learning System”的語言系統。該系統為香港七間大學所選用的語言系統,將提供多媒體廣播、教室控制、語言學習及中央控制錄音等功能,並將取代現有語言實驗室內的 Hi-Class II系統,預計於第二學期開始 (2010年2月22日)正式使用。



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