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2004 2005

Year 2005
Activities - December 2005
30. Dec. MPI Anti-Spam Gateway Upgrade
06. Dec. Scheduled Network Service Stoppage Announcement
Dec. 08, 2005 - 10:00 – 14:00
Activities - November 2005
16. Nov. Macao-wide English Contest 2005 - Scoring System
Activities - October 2005
26. Oct. Lab. 213 temporary stoppage - 25/10 - 11/11, 2005
Activities - September 2005
25. Sep. Computer Labs temporary stoppage - September, 25, 2005
7. Sep. HQ Computer Labs - Central Electrical Power Switch Implementation
6. Sep. Computer Labs temporary stoppage - September, 11, 2005
5. Sep. System maintenance and affected systems
5. Sep. Classroom Usage Enquiry (CVMS)
Activities - August 2005
24. Aug. Wireless Network User Guide
16. Aug. Single Windows multilingual support in Lab. A205
Activities - July 2005
21. July "EI Office 2004" Presentation - Jul 27 (Wed), 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
12. July Computer Laboratory Assistants
08. July Computer laboratories stoppage - July 10, Sunday, 4:30 to 6 pm
Activities - June 2005
16. Jun. Seminar - From Government to eGovernment: A Transition Model - 20 June 2005
07. Jun. Google's Summer of Code programme - for students of computer science
01. Jun.
New Regulations on Computer Game Playing in Computer Laboratories
  No Computer Game Playing allowed during JUN 10-30, 2005
Activities - May 2005
24. May New Features in the Email Service- Vacation Notice & Email Forwarding Set Up
20. May Opening hours of Computer Laboratories, May 17 – June 30, 2005
09. May Computing Service Stoppage Notice - May 7, 2005
04. May Internet Bandwidth Control Implementation
Activities - April 2005
26. April Wireless Network Service Stoppage - from April 27 to April 29, 2005
01. April MUST - IPv6 Seminar on April 13, 2005
01. April Email Account’s Quota Enlargement - from April 6, 2005 onwards
Activities - March 2005
31. March Self-Study Computer Laboratory A213 Temporary Stoppage - from 18/04/2005 until 29/04/2005
21. March Academic Information Web (AIWEB) Workshop - March 30, 2005
Activities - January 2005
21. Jan. Launch of MPI WebCards system
21. Jan. Temporary unavailability of self study Lab A213 - Saturday, Jan.22
18. Jan. Network, I.T. Services & MIS Systems Stoppage Notice
03. Jan. Job Opportunities - Computer Laboratory Assistant

Year 2004
Activities - December 2004
13. Dec. Enquiry of Class Attendance Information and Absence Rate – Available!
09. Dec. Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) - Installation schedule: from 13 Dec, 2004 to 31 Dec, 2004
11. Nov. Computer Lab A204 - Extended Opening Hours - from November 11 to December 31
Activities - November 2004
11. Nov. Computer Lab A204 - Extended Opening Hours - from November 11 to December 31
11. Nov. Computer Lab A213 Temporary Stoppage - from November 15 to December 2
10. Nov. Computer Lab A213 Stoppage on November 14
03. Nov. XnView Workshop - November 15
Activities - October 2004
08. Oct. IT Week 2004 (Oct.8 10am ~ Oct.10 7pm)
Activities - September 2004
27. Sep. Launch of Academic Information Web (AIWEB) Phase I
21. Sep. Free Access to SAGE Journals Online
20. Sep. Information Systems (EDMS, SRMS, WebMail) Usage and Operations Briefing on Sep. 23, 2004
15. Sep. Class Attendance Management System (CAMS) - Soft Launch
14. Sep. XNView Workshop for Teachers on Sep. 21, 2004
14. Sep. Wireless Network Service Stoppage
03. Sep. Headquarters Computer Laboratories Opening Hours
02. Sep. Automatic NetID Computer Accounts Creation and Removal (effective from September 10, 2004)
Activities - August 2004
11.Aug. Computer Lab A213 Stoppage Notice
Aug 13 to Aug 16
03.Aug. Multimedia Language Labs Stoppage Notice
Aug 4 to Aug 31
Activities - July 2004
30.Jul. Computer Laboratories Stoppage Notice
July 31 & August 1
23.Jul. Computer Laboratory Assistant
Application date extended up to August 6, 2004
22.Jul. WebCT Upgrade - Campus Edition 4.1
(28-29 July, 2004)
19.Jul. Launch of Short Course Management System
12.Jul. Computing Services Stoppage Notice
from July 23, 6pm (Fri) to July 25, 6pm (Sun), 2004
01.Jul. The Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook for academic year 2004/2005 is now online.
Activities - June 2004
17.Jun. Computer Laboratories Opening Hours - Summer
09.Jun. International Conference
e-Education 2004-Review and New Perspectives

Online registration is open until June 21, 2004
07.Jun. Internet Leased Line Upgrade
on June 7, 2004
Activities - May 2004
20.May Computer Laboratory A213 - Replacement Scheme
from May 22 to 28, 2004
12.May Launch of Service Request Management System (SRMS) on May 14, 2004
12.May Laboratory Assistants - Temporary Relocation
from May 10 to 21, 2004
03.May Computer Laboratories Opening Hours before & during Final Examinations
from May 3 to June 13, 2004

Computer Laboratory A213 temporary stoppage
from May 10 to 21, 2004 (09:00 to 23:30)

Activities - April 2004
16.Apr. Computer labs stoppage on April 17 & 18
15.Apr. 1st International Conference on “Information Statistics of the Internet: Measurement, Analysis and Applications”
14.Apr. SRMS Advanced User Training on April 15, Thursday
08.Apr. Electrical power stoppage on April 9, Friday
07.Apr. Mac labs A215A & A215B stoppage during Easter holiday break
05.Apr. Computer lab A213 stoppage on April 5
29.Mar. Computer lab A213 stoppage on April 1
Activities - March 2004
30.Mar. Virus Alert - W32/Netsky.Q
29.Mar. Computer labs stoppage on April 17 & 18
29.Mar. Computer lab A213 stoppage on April 1
17.Mar. New Service implemented - Anti-Spam Mail System

Lab100 - ELICE Demo Sessions on MARCH, 18

14:45 H. - ESLT Translation and Interpretation teachers
16:00 H. - MPI-BELL Centre of English teachers

02.Mar. Virus Alert and Returned Mail - HKCERT New Virus Info
Activities - February 2004
16.Feb. HQ Classroom Computing Equipment Failure Contingency Plan
14.Feb. Service Stoppage Notice - MIS Systems
11.Feb. Virus Alert Information - MyDoom
09.Feb. The Campus Computing Facilities Handbook has been updated
09.Feb. Relocation of Headquarters' Computer Labs
09.Feb New Headquarters' labs booking enquiry system
  Activities - January 2004
27.Jan. iCampus Project - special tariffs for students and teachers to access Internet from home
21.Jan. Pilot Digital Certificates Installation (after Chinese New Year)

Job Opportunities - Computer Lab Assistants


Relocation of the School of Arts' Computer Labs to MPI headquarters
A Wing - Lab A215 A & Lab A215 B

02.Jan. Consumables Management System launched

Year 2003
  Activities - December 2003
13.Dec Email Services & MIS Systems Stoppage Notice
09.Dec HQ Computer Laboratories Open for 24 Hours
  Activities - November 2003
29.Nov SIGFC System Stoppage Notice - Saturday, 29 NOV
22.Nov Network Services Stoppage Notice
20.Nov The Future of Wireless Communication
MPI Headquarters, Large Auditorium - Nov 24, 15.OO
12.Nov Multimedia Language Lab Training for MPI-Bell Centre of English Teachers
CEM Building, 7th. Floor - Nov 19, 15.OO
  Activities - October 2003
30.Oct IT Week - MPI participation
22.Oct For all Language Teachers - ELICE Demo - HQ Lab A302, Oct 22, 15.OO
14.Oct SIGFC System Stoppage Notice - Saturday, 18 OCT

  Activities - September 2003

26.Sep Nework Stoppage Notice (B Wing) - 1 ~ 2 October
24.Sep Email Services Stoppage Notice - Saturday, 27 SEP
11.Sep Launching of Reorganized CSC Web Site
10.Sep Critical Security Patch for Windows 2000
01.Sep A211 Operating System Upgrade
  Activities -  August 2003
Virus Alert - W32.SoBig.F@mm
CFCPE Lab.19 PCs Upgrade


Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook 2003/2004


Virus Alert - MSBlaster (Lovsan) Worm


VERITAS Seminar: Disaster Recovery & Application Performance Management

  Activities -  July  2003


Electronic Document Management System - Phase I Implementation Seminar


Lab Assistant Working Time During Summer Recess


Computer Laboratory (headquarter campus) Opening Hours During Summer Recess

  Activities -  June  2003


Lab Assistant Recruitment Notice (PDF)

  Activities -  May  2003


New 17 PCs for Lab. A205


HQ Lab Opens 24 hours before and during examination


ESEFD Broadband Line Installation


Hostel Broadband Internet Access (Nam On)


Sendmail Upgrade to 8.12.9

  Activities -  March  2003
07.Apr CFCPE Broadband Line Installation
04.Apr Installation of LCD Projector's Control Panel in HQ
  Activities -  March  2003
12.Mar New Software Installed in Lab A210 (Sun Microsystems Laboratory)
  Activities -  February 2003
26.Feb Hostel Network Access & Regulation [Chinese Only]
17.Feb Staff Email Server Upgrade
11.Feb New Multimedia Language Laboratories at HQ
11.Feb Relocation of Computer Laboratories A203 <=> A205
10.Feb HQ Campus Network & Backbone Upgrade
  Activities -  January 2003
22.Jan LCD Projector's Control Panel for Classrooms
13.Jan New P4 PCs in Lab. A205

Year 2002
  Activities -  November 2002
23.Nov WebCT workshop for Course Designers
19.Nov E-Office Workshops (Course Outline in Chinese (PDF))
13.Nov SAS Intelligence Seminar For Academic Sector
  Activities -  October 2002

WebCT Upgrades to 3.8 Campus Edition

  Activities -  September 2002
27-28.Sep International Conference on e-Security 2002 Macao
26.Sep Network Security Enforcement Notice
23.Sep Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook 2002/2003
19.Sep Student Email and Netware Accounts Consolidation
  Activities -  August 2002
23.Aug Service Stoppage Notice
08.Aug CFCPE Wireless Network Installation
01.Aug Summer Computer Laboratories Arrangement (Revised)
  Activities -  July 2002
24.July CDC Wireless Network Installation
16.July Computer Access at HQ Canteen
11.July Multimedia Language Teaching Systems Demo
  Activities -  June 2002
24.June HQ to CDC Leased Line upgraded to 2Mbps
19.June Summer Computer Laboratories Arrangement (PDF)
18.June Internet Broadband Lines Upgrade to 3Mbps
05.June IBM WebSphere (Infrastructure software for e-business)
  Activities -  May 2002
29.May Computing Services Stoppage Announcement (Summer HQ Construction)
24.May New Web-based Email Service
16.May Installation of SPSS 10.0 in Lab. A203
15.May LCD Projector's Audio Connection
06.May Sun Microsystems' Seminar Announcement (May 7, 2002)
04.May Staff Email and Netware Accounts Consolidation
  Activities -  April 2002
30.Apr New Macintosh Installation in Lab. A203
24.Apr Information Technology Seminar Announcement
15.Apr New Service Announcement - Computer Laboratory Assistants (PDF)
  Activities -  March 2002
13.Mar Resumption of Antivirus Email Gateway Service
13.Mar News Management System - Training Announcement
13.Mar Workshop: Introduction to WebCT
06.Mar Information Technology (I.T.) Training Plan for Staff
  Activities -  February 2002
28.Feb Announcement - Launch of New Multimedia Language Laboratory
14.Feb Computer Laboratory Closing for Chinese New Year
  Activities -  January 2002
30.Jan Stoppage of Antivirus Email Gateway Service
15.Jan New Domain Name "" Announcement

Year 2001
  Activities -  December 2001
19. Dec Lab Open During Public Holidays in Dec.
17. Dec Enlarge Staff Email Account Quota
10. Dec Installation of Antivirus Email Gateway
08. Dec Virus Warning !!! Worm_Gone.A
07. Dec Extend Opening Hours of HQ Computer Labs for 24 Hours
  Activities -  November  2001
30. Nov Service Stoppage Announcement
26. Nov Extend Opening Hours of HQ Computer Labs
26. Nov New Webmail service for Testing
19. Nov Additional Computer Laboratory Usage Regulation
09. Nov Installation of Antivirus Gateway for Email services
  Activities -  October  2001
26~28.Oct IT Week 2001 (資訊科技週2001)
05.Oct Campus Computing Facilities Handbook is now ONLINE (PDF)
01.Oct Performance Pledge 2001
  Activities -  September 2001
27~29.Sep Campus Notebook Computer Purchase Days
05.Sep Student Orientation Presentation (ESCE)
04.Sep Campus Computing Facilities Handbook 2001/2002
  Activities -  August 2001
30.Aug IT Training Course for Staff
08.Aug Notebook Computer Purchase Plan
  Activities -  July  2001
26.Jul Soft Launch of Web-based Campus Information Kiosk
23.Jul Online Final Grade Enquiry
03.Jul Computer Laboratory (headquarter campus) Opening Hours During Summer Recess
03.Jul Campus Internet Service Upgrade & Interruption
02.Jul School of Health Science - Campus Wireless Network Launched!
  Activities -  June  2001
17.Jun Office Automation Demonstration - Survey & Quizzes Using Multiple Choice Questions
13.Jun Regulation of using the Computer Laboratories Updated!!
11.Jun Student Email Server Migration & New Account Quota
  Activities -  May 2001
22.May Launch of MPI Campus Wireless Network 
21.May HQ Computer Laboratories Open 24 Hours
21.May Student Email Service Failure Notice
11.May Broadband Internet Survey Result
10.May Network Time Synchronization
  Activities -  April 2001
09.Apr Free Internet and Computer Courses Coupons (CTM customers only)
02.Apr Broadband Internet Link Pilot-Run
  Activities -  March 2001
06.Mar Remote Campus Link Upgrade to 512Kb (Completion)
03.Mar Open Day - Campus Computing Facilities Briefing
01.Mar Remote Campus Link Upgrade to 512Kb
  Activities -  February 2001
28.Feb Campus Information Kiosk Implementation
23.Feb New computing facilities for the 2nd semester of 2000/2001
  Activities -  January 2001
25.Jan Network Services Stoppage in H.Q.

Year 2000
  Activities -  December 2000
14.Dec e-business Perspective on Education, Trends & Directions
04.Dec Macau IT2000 Seminars
  Activities -  November 2000
22.Nov MPI Firewall Setup and Policies Briefing
15.Nov Virus Alert: W32/Navidad@M
14.Nov Seminar - The Application of e-commerce in Jusco (EAN Macau)
11.Nov Firewall System Implementation (Internet Services Stoppage)
03.Nov HK PolyU IT Showcase & e-Learning Symposium 2000
01.Nov Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Seminar
  Activities -  October 2000
24.Oct Macau IT 2000 (e-life) - Project Meeting
20.Oct Seminar on "Secure Electronic Communication in E-Commerce" (CPTTM)
10.Oct XIV Macau International Music Festival
  Activities -  September 2000
27.Sep WebCT Workshop (PowerPoint Presentation)
25.Sep E-Book Reader/Publisher available to download
15.Sep Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook Online!!!
11.Sep Account Information for New Students
08.Sep WAP & ADSL Forum (in Chinese)
01.Sep New Room Number Assignment (Headquarter)
  Activities -  August 2000
30.Aug Power Supply Stoppage from 10:25 to 10:45 am
08.Aug ESS LAN now is connected to MPI Network
02.Aug Computer Laboratories Bookings Enquiry
  Activities -  July 2000
26.July Campus I.T. Applications & Development Forum
20.July Computer Laboratories Booking Procedure Update
14.July Problem Reporting / Helpdesk system (JDTS) is online!
14.July Computer Laboratories Opening Hours Updated (for summer)
  Activities -  June 2000
23.Jun Seminar: DBMS Tuning - Case Study for MPI
15.Jun Outlook 98 / Outlook 2000 Email Security Update
14.Jun "Introduction to copyright" seminar
07.Jun Extend the opening hours of computer labs
05.Jun The staff email server has been successfully upgraded to sendmail 8.10.1
03.Jun Staff Email Service Upgrade & Stoppage
02.Jun New Petty Cash System Demonstration


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