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Blackboard Learning System - CE8 is the elearning platform adopted in MPI. It's an online course environment that allows teachers to deliver course materials, communicate with students, and create learning activities.

New terms used in Blackboard

To get started, please watch this brief overview of the interface.

Exploring WebCT CE - Designer and Instructor Tutorials:

WebCT CE Designers/Instructors Manual

Blackboard Learning System CE - Fundamentals of Teaching and Designing - Workshop handouts (Intranet only)

  FAQ for Teachers
Working with MSOffice

Displaying Word files:

To a proper display of a Word file within Blackboard you have to save it in .htm format. Choose "Save as Web page" from the File menu.


Displaying Powerpoint files:

To display Powerpoint files you have to:

1. Save them as Web page. Powerpoint generates a single .htm file and a folder with all related files (slides' images and other .htm files.

2. Zip the folder and the single .htm file and upload it into Bb. under File Manager area.

3. Extract the zip file in the File Manager. This will create the folder with the related files, naming it with the word "folder" appended. For ex., if the folder was named "presentation1", it will be renamed "presentation1 folder".

4. From the section on the course you want to display the Powerpoint presentation, link to the .htm file located inside the "presentation1 folder".



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