e-learning platform canvas LMS

Canvas How to's Instructional Videos

Course Creation and Setup

Introduction to Canvas

A brief overview of Canvas LMS


Start a New Canvas Course

Course Setup Checklist

What it is, what it does, where it goes, and how to get it back!


How to Change the Homepage Layout

Modify your students's landing page (Home)

Reorder Menu Items

Shows how to rearrange and remove left hand menu options


Add Users to a Canvas Course

Works for Students, observers, TA's, and Teachers


Delete Users in a Canvas Course

Calendar Overview

How to Use the Calendar

Advice on calendar best practices within Instructure Canvas LMS. How to de-clutter your student's lives.


Create a Syllabus

Where, what it is, what it's not



Creating Content

Using Files in your Course

This video explains files, organization, folders, locking files, transferring files,
seeing files from your other courses, your personal file folder, students personal file
folder, taking away Files from students.


Content Pages

Page creation and rational, Wiki Pages, Embed HTML, Page History, Linking

How to Create Modules

General Modules Overview and Features



Evaluation Tools

How to Create an Assignment

This is just an overview on how to create Assignments.

How to create an Assignment through the Calendar

How to create assignments directly from Canvas's calendar. How to change due dates with drag and drop.


Grade Book

An Overview of the Grade Book



Communication Tools

Email and Messaging

Email use, inbox, messaging, and student selected preferences

Using Announcements

Announcements. Sending blasts to your students