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How to show DVD/VCD in the classroom through the computer

  Please, check first if the computer has a DVD ROM drive installed. If not, you will not be able to use any DVD.
  Remember also to check the speakers' volume on the wall-mounted connection panel (if this option is available). If the connection panel does not have any speakers' control, you will have to check the sound volume on the computer and/or on the Power DVD software.
  1. Make sure the LCD projector is on and turn on the computer.

2. Insert the DVD on the DVD ROM drive. The Power DVD software will launch automatically and will present a window for the display and a control panel.
For VCD you will have to double-click the DVD Power icon on the desktop to open the software before inserting the VCD.

  3. The right side of the control panel allows the regular playback controls:
Next Scene
Previous Scene
Next Frame
Previous Frame
  4. To adjust the volume of the playback press the + or - buttons:
  5. From the control panel you can check the selected playback settings, such as Audio Language and Subtitles:
  6. Use the buttons at the bottom to change the playback settings, such as:
Press the Next Audio Stream to switch among the available languages in the disc.
Press the Next Subtitle to switch among available subtitles in the disc.
Press the Menu button to access the disc Menu.
If you choose Full Screen mode, right-click the mouse and choose Full Screen again from the menu, to return to the control panel.
  7. Additional functions include:
Press Go Up to move to the previous section on the disc Menu. This button is only active when navigating among the disc Menu items.
Press i-Power to access the Internet immediately.
Press Capture Frame to capture the video image as a still image. It is better to pause the playback on the exact frame you want and then press Capture Frame.
The captured image can be retrieved using software like Word or Photoshop through the "Paste" command.
. Navigational Slider - Jump to the place you want in disc by clicking along the slider.
. Shuttle - Forward or rewind the disc from 1�2x speed to 32x speed
(1x is the normal play speed).
. Select Source - Choose to play a DVD or a file from the hard-disk
. Eject - Eject disc from the DVD drive.
  8. To exit the Power DVD software, press the stop button on the right side of the control panel and click on the X button of either the control panel or the main window.
  9. Shut down the computer and turn the LCD projector off.

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