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  Login to teachers' classroom and lab computers
Login Procedure

. Switch on the computer and simply select the language, by clicking the correspondent icon.

  . You can use the computer immediately (no need to enter NetID and password).
Accessing Network Drives
  network-drive-icon . To access your network drives (e.g. U:, S:, I:, O:), please click on the icon "Map Network Drive" (see the picture on the left) from the desktop’s right hand side;
  You will be prompted to type your NetID & password and sfter you can access the network drives ( U:. I:, O:, S/P).
Security Procedures
  For security reasons, if you walk away from the classroom, or when finishing the class, remember to always Log Off or Shutdown the computer (To exit the screen-saver mode doesn't require any password).
  For technical support, please submit your problem via SRMS http://srms, or contact us:
  .Helpdesk counter in A201(Tel. 85996-152, Mon.-Fri. 9am–1pm, 2:30pm–8pm)
  . Lab. Assistant in Lab. A213 (Tel. 85996-147, Mon.-Sat. 9am–1pm, 2pm–10pm)

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