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  Adobe Acrobat Connect
Introduction to Adobe Connect
  Adobe Connect is a Web-based communication system that provides interactive tools for Web conferencing or online meetings enhanced with multimedia abilities.
  Adobe Connect allows users to conduct online meetings in a very easy way. The user who hosts the meeting can speak/chat with other participants in real time, show presentations and do anything as in a physical meeting room. It also allows participants to share files, applications, use a whiteboard and create polls.
  The system can be used by any MPI's staff member when there is the need to contact or meet people who are abroad. This applies, for instance, to staff and students recruitment interviews, decision-making when involved people are in different physical locations, collaborative research with other academic institutions or any other situation when people are unable to meet physically.
  Meetings may be accessed through any web browser without any special software requirements on the user’s computer (however, plug-ins may be required).

Adobe Connect Meetings Features:


. real-time meetings (according to a maximum of 40 concurrent users in the whole system)

. communication through audio/video, written chat or whiteboard

. sharing of documents, files, applications or desktop screen among participants

. conduction of polls

. recording of meetings

. meeting rooms can be kept for future usage

How it works?
  1. You request CSC to create a meeting room (see how to request a meeting below).

2. CSC creates the meeting room and gives you a URL (ex: " name/" to access the meeting room as a host, as well as your login details.


3. You send that URL to other meeting participants together with the date and time of the meeting. The participants will be able to join the meeting as guests, by entering their name in the login screen as below:

  Your meeting can be set up for open access to anyone who has the URL( Open Meeting) or only for registered users and accepted guests. In the latter case, you will receive a request from the guests when they try to join and you must accept it to allow them in the meeting room.

Note: You may test if your computer is ready to access Connect meetings in the following URL:
This test will allow to install the Adobe Connect Add-In if needed.

  You may also have to remind participants in your meeting to make sure they have Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher installed in their computers as well as to test their computers at the URL mentioned above .

. OS: Windows 98se, 2000, XP; Mac OS X
. Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0; Netscape Navigator 7.1; Firefox 1.0.3 ; Safari
. Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher

  How to Request a Meeting?
  Staff interested in hosting a meeting with Adobe Acrobat Connect may contact CSC by sending an email to: with the following information:
. Name
. Contact Information: email address & phone number
. School/ Administrative Unit
. Desired Meeting Name (ex: Recruitment Interview)
. Intended Purpose
. Number of Participants
. Date, time, and expected duration
  Then, CSC will provide you with a brief introduction to Adobe Connect prior to your meeting schedule.
  Note: Due to the licensing scheme (with a maximum limit of 40 concurrent users in the whole system), if you are planning a meeting with a large group, please contact us at least one week before, so we can make sure that no time conflicts arise with other scheduled meetings.
  Additional Resources
  Adobe Connect Meeting Interface
  Adobe Connect FAQ
  For an overview of Connect, you may watch the Getting Started movie.
  Demonstrations of Connect meeting features are available in this Quick Start Guide - Meetings
  Adobe Connect - Help
  Adobe Connect User Guide — Complete Help (PDF file)

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