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  Adobe Acrobat Connect
Adobe Connect Meeting Interface

Adobe Connect meeting interface can be divided into 3 basic layouts, each of them containing different tools/pods:

. Sharing Layout
. Discussion Layout
. Collaboration Layout


Some Pods integrate all the layouts, such as:

. the Voice and Camera Pod - for video and audio broadcast
. Note Pod - for note-takink and sharing
. Chat Pod - for text messages

  Besides these pods, each layout has other specific pods related to their functions.
Sharing Layout
  The Sharing Layout includes the Sharing Pod to allow the meeting host to display content to participants. Hosts can share/display their own computer screen, documents in their hard disk or whiteboards.

However, document types able to be displayed are restricted to:

- PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)
- Image (.jpg .gif .png)
- Flash files (.swf)
- Flash Video files (.flv)

Discussion Layout
  The Discussion layout includes the Poll Pod and the Discussion Notes Pod, besides the common pods mentioned above. This enables the host to pose questions to the participants and gather real-time answers in an organised manner.
Collaboration Layout
  The Collaboration Layout includes 2 pods designed to enhance collaborative work - the Whiteboard and the File Share Pod. The Whiteboard allows people to write, draw and draft schemes in a collaborative way. Through the File Share Pod, participants can upload any kind of file for others to download.
  Attendees can have three different roles with diverse rights and privileges assigned to them. The roles are indicated in the Attendees List through the following icons:
  Host: Besides all the rights and tasks assigned to Participants and Presenters, Hosts can also invite participants, upload files and add or change layouts in a meeting room. They can change the role of other participants.
  Participant: Participants can view the content that the presenter is sharing, hear and see the presenter’s audio and video broadcast, and use text chat.
  Presenter: Presenters can share content content from their computer (PPT files, Flash files, Flash Video files, and .JPEG files). They can share the screen, showing it on the Stage of all attendees, and they can chat, and broadcast live audio and video.

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