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All users, students and staff, benefit from a free email service from MPI, provided previous agreement with the corresponding Terms of Service.

  Information about how to get an email account can be found on the NetID Computer Account page.
  Email Address
  The email address of a student account is in the form of:

  where NetID is your student ID in lower case without "-".
For example, a student with Student No. P-02-8883-3 will have the following email address:

  The email address for staff is in the form of:

  where NetID is the same as the NetID Computer Account.
  Mailbox Quota
  A mailbox quota is enforced, so we recommend to regularly manage your messages to avoid reaching to quota limit.
  Maximum Message Size

To avoid overflowing our email systems with large messages, MPI email servers will reject incoming or outgoing messages larger than 10MB.

  Reading and Sending Messages
  There are several ways for you to read or send mail messages.
You may use Outlook Express or other email clients.

Another way is to use the Web-based Email Service (Web Mail)provided by CSC.

You may choose to have your messages forwarded from Web Mail to your preferred email service (GMail, HotMail, Yahoo, etc.). Details on how to set this option are provided in this page.

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