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Computer Labs
- PC Labs
- Multimedia Language Labs (PC)
- MAC Labs
. Labs Regulations & Booking Procedures
. Labs Online Timetable Enquiry
. Labs Assistants
. List of Computer Labs software
  PC - MAC - SUN
. Campus-wide License
. Software Copyright Policy

Computer Security

Services for Campus Computers
. Firewall
. Anti-Virus Email Protection
. Anti-Spam Email
. Data Backup
. Desktop Firewall
. Anti-Virus Software
. Anti-Spyware Software
. Windows Update Services (SUS)
. Handling Email
. Securing Critic Files
. Reporting a Security Problem
. FAQ about Computer Security
Security Policies
. Software Copyright Policy
. Blockage of P2P Software and Online Games
. Computer Labs Regulations
. Network Security Policy
. Servers Registration
Recommendations for Home & Hostel Computers
. Data Backup
. Operating Systems Update
. Anti-Virus Software
. Anti-Spyware Software
. Email Handling
. Desktop Firewall
. Tips for Computer Security

Download Area
. Download Software
. Introduction to CSC Helpdesk Service
. Service Request Management System (SRMS)

NetID Computer Accounts
. NetID Computer Accounts Information

Email & Web Services
. Email Service
. Webmail
. Setting a Vacation Notice
. Email Forwarding
. Password Change
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Email Service

Network & Internet Services

Campus Network Information
. Campus Network
Network Access
. Wireless Access in Campus
. Network Access in Hostel
. Remote Access from off Campus
(Web VPN)
Security Services
. Windows Update Services (SUS)
. Internet Security & Web Content Filtering
. Software Update Services (SUS)
. Internet Security Tips
File Storage & Print Services
. File Storage & Print Services

Online Videos
. Online Videos

Online Learning
. e-Learning Platforms
. Log in to Canvas
. Log in to Blackboard
. Online Courses in Blackboard

. Net ID Computer Accounts FAQ
. Web Mail FAQ
. Personal Webpage service
. Blackboard for Students FAQ
. Blackboard for Teachers FAQ
. How to backup the mail data
(using Outlook Express)

Other Services
. Telephone Directory
. Campus Venue Management System (CVMS)


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