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  Computer Labs Regulations & Booking Procedures
  1. Except the dedicated self-study computer laboratory, all computer laboratories are open for reserved lectures and general usage for our students and staff; however, the usage of the computer laboratory is given priority to reserved lectures.
  2. Whenever there are no reserved lectures in the computer laboratories, the security guard is responsible to open two or more computer laboratories for general usage.
  3. During the general open hours, students are required to show their student ID cards when asked by the security guard stations outside the laboratories, and students will be asked to sign the laboratory usage record before and after their usage of the laboratories. For general public or staff access, please show the MPI library card or the MPI staff card to the security guard.
  4. Users should be warned not to store useful files in Drive C: as all files saved in Drive C: will be deleted after the machine reboot. User may save files into Drive A:, Drive D: or user’s network home directory Drive U:.
  5. Do not install any pirate software copies to any computers in the laboratories.
  6. No food, drinks and smoking are allowed inside the laboratories.
  7. Computer game playing, installation and usage of software that may affect other users or normal operations of the computers or campus network are not allowed. Computer game playing in self-study computer room at A213 is not allowed under any circumstances. No computer game playing is allowed in any computer laboratories one week before and during the examination period.
  8. Users may report computer problems to the Computer Service Centre by reporting to Helpdesk Counter at A201 or call our support hotline 5996-152 during office hours, send email to or submit service request via the SRMS system (http://srms)
  9. For assistance in using the computing facilities in laboratories, users may refer to the “Campus Computing Facilities User Handbook” which is available at the Centre’s web site and obtainable at the CSC Helpdesk Counter, or contact the laboratory assistant at A213.
  10. Users are not allowed to install or remove any hardware in the laboratories. For security reasons, surveillance cameras are installed in every computer laboratory and activities in the laboratories are video recorded.
  11. The laboratory assistants and security guard are responsible for monitoring the usage of the computer laboratory and make sure users follow the usage regulations stated.
  12. The security guard has the authority to request laboratory users to show and record their student ID card or staff card whenever the user identity is in doubt or user failed to follow the laboratory usage regulations.
  13. The security guard has the authority to request laboratory users to leave the laboratory at the closing time, before the laboratory will be occupied by a reserved lecture, or when the users could not follow the laboratory usage regulations.
HQ Laboratories Opening Hours
  The computer laboratories at the headquarters will be open during reserved usage, and the dedicated student & registered public access computer laboratory (A213) and selected vacant computer laboratories will be open at the following schedule:

- During normal semester (September onwards) : 08:30 - 24:00
- During summer recess (July & August) & semester breaks : 10:00 - 22:00
- One month before and during final examinations: 24 hours

Computer Laboratories Booking
  Regular Semester Courses Booking

For semester courses, the school administrative staff should submit the computer laboratories usage timetable to Division for Pedagogical Affairs (DAP) in July and November for Fall and Spring semesters respectively. DAP will coordinate the usage of the computer laboratories among schools and resolve any conflict that may exist.

  Ad Hoc Booking

For ad hoc or short duration computer laboratories usage, teachers can submit an application form (also available through the SRMS system) to CSC (Fax: 530505) or send email to Booking requests will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  Please provide the course code, course title, lecturer's name, date, time and duration when submitting the booking requests. Before booking, check the availability of the labs.
Computer Laboratories Located at Other Campuses
  Computer laboratories located at School of Arts (ESA), School of Health Sciences (ESS), Centre of Continuing Education and Special Projects (CFCPE) and Career Development Centre (CDC) are managed by the corresponding schools/centers. For laboratory usage and booking of these computer laboratories, please contact the corresponding schools/centre directly.


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