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MAC Computer Labs - Software List
  Software Type/Items School of Arts Labs
  Operating Systems
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  Mac OS X
  Office Applications
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  Acrobat 8 Pro
  Acrobat 9 Pro    
  Acrobat Reader 9
  Microsoft Office 2004
  Microsoft Office 2008
  Graphic & Multimedia Design
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  Adobe Flash CS4 Pro
  Adobe Illustrator CS2
  Adobe Illustrator CS3
  Adobe Illustrator CS4
  Adobe InDesign CS2
  Adobe InDesign CS3
  Adobe InDesign CS4
  Adobe Encore CS4
  Adobe Media Encoder CS4
  Adobe Photoshop CS2
  Adobe Photoshop CS3
  Adobe Photoshop CS4
  Adobe Soundbooth CS4
  Aurailia 2
  Corel Painter 7
  Corel Painter 9.5
  Finale 2008
  Logic Pro 7
  Macromedia Flash MX
  Macromedia FreeHand MX
  Macromedia Studio MX
  Motu Digital Performer 4.6
  Sibelius 4
  Soundtrack Pro 2
  Specular Infini-D 3.5

Video & Animation

Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  After Effects CS4
  After Effects 6.5 Professional
  Adobe PremierePro CS4
  Adobe Premiere 6.5
  Color Compressor 3
  DVD Studio Pro 4
  Final Cut Pro 6
  Motion 3
  Web Authoring
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  BBEdit 7.0
  Macromedia DreamWeaver MX
  DreamWeaver CS4    
  Fetch 4.0.3
  Fireworks MX    
  Firewoks CS4    
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  Firefox 3.5
  System Utilities
Lab A215A
Lab N43
Lab 12
  Adobe Fonts
  DynaFont (Chinese)
  Extensis Suitecase Fusion
  Norton AntiVirus 10
  Toast Lite 5.2

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