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  Apple Macintosh File and Print Service
Login to OS 9 Login to OS X User Home Directory and Disk Quota Printing in Labs

Login to OS 9

The following Macintosh login screen will come up when a Macintosh starts.

. Type in your username (student ID without any dash or stroke)

. Type in your password

. And then press “Log in” button.

Login to OS X
The following Macintosh OS X login screen will come up when a Macintosh starts.

. Type in your username (student ID without any dash or stroke)

. Type in your password

. And then press “Log in” button.

By shutting down Macintosh will automatically log out Macintosh accounts. Or a user can click the Apple Menu “Special” -> Logout to log out.
User Home Directory and Disk Quota
When a user successfully login to his/her account from Macintosh, he/she can see a “Users” drive on Desktop, which contains the Server’s users home directories. A user can find his/her home directory with his/her login name. Users are allowed to store files on their home folder.

A typical user desktop is showed in this picture. A document short-cut is created on desktop and the user can directly store files in this folder.

The disk quota assigned to the users can be found in this page.

Printing in Labs
All labs are equipped with network laser printers.
  • . Users have to login their User Account in order to print via the networked laser printers.
  • . Users should bring their own paper in order to print in labs.
All the machines inside the computer labs are configured with the corresponding printer. Please keep in mind that the printing resources in the labs are shared by many students and teachers, so DO NOT send print jobs and leave them unattended. This will cause problems when others want to print. Delete all print jobs before leaving the room.
Printing in OS 9
For OS9 machines, user is required to configure the printer after first logon. The steps are showed below:
1. Click on the printer -> Printing -> Change Setup… -> Change…

2. Choose the right model of the printer, then press “Select” button.

. Model for A215AQ is HP LaserJet 5100 Series;
. Model for A215BQ is HP LaserJet 5100 Series

3. After the printer is properly configured, a printer icon will be displayed on the desktop. If user wants to set this printer as the default printer, click on the printer icon -> Printing -> Set Default Printer.

Printing in OS X
For OS X Machines in the labs, user does not require to setup the printer after first Logon. The printer should be configured properly by default.
User may want to change the paper size in OS X.  Simply click on the dock at the bottom of the desktop -> System Preferences -> Print & Fax -> Click the “Default paper size in Paper Setup” to select your desired paper size.

Student Web Pages on Macintosh Server

A user can create a folder with name “Sites” under his user home directory and put the web pages inside. Then the user can browse it with the address >. Or he can use a ftp programme to transfer the web pages to the server with server name “xsrv1”.




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