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  Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS)
Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) is a way of keeping your computer secured and up-to-date. Once the SUS is configured in your computer, it will download the latest patches and have them installed automatically from MPI’s SUS server locally.
Setup SUS by CSC Helpdesk Support
All campus computers with the following operating systems should use of this service.

. Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional / Server
. Microsoft Windows XP / Home
. Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

CSC helpdesk technicians will help to deploy the SUS in all campus computers (except PC in classroom and computer labs) running Windows 2000 / XP.

After the installation the computer will be configured to:

. Auto-download patches approved on the SUS server

. Schedule to install all downloaded patches at 2:00 p.m. everyday

. Reschedule patch installation to the next boot time if the regular scheduled time is missed

. Specify a 8 minutes delay that Automatic Updates will wait, following system startup, before proceeding with a scheduled installation that was missed previously. This is to ensure that the machine is fully operational before patch installation will occur.

. Set the option to not restart the computer automatically during a scheduled installation if a user is logged in to the computer. Instead, Automatic Updates will notify the user to restart the computer to complete the installation.

How can I tell which version of Windows I have?
Go to the Start"menu and select Run. Type "winver" and click OK. This will pop up an About Windows box. You must have Windows 2000 (service pack 3 or higher) or Windows XP (service pack 1 or higher) to use the SUS.
I have Windows 2000/XP but don't have the correct service pack.
You can install the latest service pack (and all critical updates) by using Windows Update. Start Internet Explorer and select Tools ---> Windows Update.
I get the error "Cannot Import sus.reg. Error accessing registry" when I run sus.reg.
You must be an Administrator on the PC you are trying to use SUS with. You should contact our Helpdesk support via SRMS ( or send email to
How can I tell which updates have been applied?
If you run Windows Update, select "View installation history" under "Other Options". This will list all the updates installed. In the "Source" column, those marked "Automatic update" have come from SUS.
I don't have Windows 2000 or Windows XP. How can I patch my PC?
PCs running Windows 95/98/NT/ME can not make use of SUS, but can still obtain updates manually through the Windows Update Website.

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