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February 2007
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News From Us

Computer Lab in the School of Health Sciences Upgraded
Computer Lab. in the School of Health Sciences has been upgraded

New computer configuration :

Intel Core 2 Duo processor
160 GB Hard Disk
DVD R/W drive
17" LCD Monitors

Online Application to Curricular Courses
In order to cope with increasing applicants to the curricular programmes, an online admission application system has been developed for the Division of Student Affairs Office. The system will start accepting online applications from Feb 15 to Mar. 9, 2007 for 2007/2008 student intake.

Teaching with IT

Alternative e-Learning Software - Trial Accounts for Academic Staff
CSC is currently evaluating alternatives to the existing e-Learning platform, WebCT 4.1. As part of this process, we have requested trial accounts from software representatives and we would like to allow our teachers to try these alternatives. If you are interested in having hands-on experience with these new software, please send an email to and we will send you the instructions to access the trial sites.

Scientific Commons
Institute for Media and Communications Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
"The major aim of the project is to develop the world’s largest communication medium for scientific knowledge products which is freely accessible to the public.(..)Currently has indexed about 13 million scientific publications and successfully extracted 6 million authors out of this data (January 2007)."

Guide to Choosing & Using Free e-Learning Tools
Jane Hart
"This Guide is intended as an introductory resource for anyone venturing into the use of e-learning tools as well as for those who wish to expand their repertoire using free tools." The guide covers topics such as, web tools, presentations and tutorials, assessment tools, communication, course contents and learner management. It's also available as a downloadable PDF, by sending and email to

Learning with IT

iPod Training
"An entry-level video-based training course to teach people how to use their iPods". The site also offers 2 more video-based courses, PowerPoint 2003 Level 1 (340MB) and Word 2003 Level 1 (190MB) which can be downloaded.

FreeLoad Press
This site, for students, instructors and life-long learners, allows to download "e-textbooks and study aids for some of your college courses in Business, Math and Computer Applications" after registration.

Quizlet is a tool for vocabulary learning developed by a student. You may register and create your own vocabulary sets or search through a keyword and access existing sets of vocabulary.

IT Usage Tips

More .doc Problems
The new MS Office released with MS Vista creates a new file's extension, .docx, that cannot be read with the previous Office version. How to fix this problem - for those without the new Office?


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