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September 2008
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New Services and Improvements for 2008/2009
by Voyage Io

Launch of online Class Cancellation / Class Make-Up System

It is a new service for academic staff to submit cancel class or make-up class requests through internet. By correlating linkage made in Campus Venue Management System, Class Attendance System and Survey system, the whole paperless approval process can be completed on the web, and this system will generate email alerts to head of school, program coordinator, teacher and students of the related class automatically.

Benefits of Windows AD Migration Project

Beginning in late February 2008, CSC has started contacting departments to schedule the data and printer migration on some staff PCs. As announced in earlier notices and newsletter, CSC will deploy the Microsoft Active Directory to replace the aging Novell NetWare infrastructure starting from the 08/09 academic year.   All computers in the classrooms and computer labs at headquarters will join the Windows AD infrastructure under the “MPI” domain.  On August 28 3am, all faculty and students’ user data were migrated to a Windows server.  

This project is considered quite a large and complex undertaking (800+ computers and 3000+ users affected), and therefore it has been broken down into a series of migrations according to specific user groups of the Institute, administrative staff (departments), academic staff (schools), and students (classrooms and computer labs).   

The key benefits driving this Windows infrastructure upgrade are as follows:

  • Increased Reliability and Management: The migration includes the replacement of old hardware (server, storage and network) and the modernization of legacy software.  New desktop and server management functionality will provide increased system monitoring and management capabilities.  
  • Enriched  End-users Services and Experience:  Roaming profile saves user’s preferences, settings and browser favorites giving the user a consistent look and feel as they move from one computer to another.  Greater volumes of data storage cope with the demands of the user. Active Directory will allow CSC the ability to upgrade older IT systems and software applications to newer technologies (e.g. Windows Vista, Symantec Endpoint Security 11, Exchange Email server etc.)
  • Decreased Operating Costs: Significant savings will be achieved once the Institute has migrated to the Windows AD environment because of the reduced software subscription fee, unified directory and network operating system, improved performance and service reliability, and the need to maintain legacy equipment will no longer be required.

Computer Lab. Hardware and Software Upgrade / Setup

  • 36 PCs in lab. A203 have been upgraded to Core 2 Duo Computers (E8400 CPU)
  • A new computer laboratory (13 x MacPro) has been setup in Magnification Court building for digital videos authoring and clipping
  • The following software have been installed in all computer labs. and classrooms at HQ: 
    - Symantec EndPoint Security 11
    -  Kingsoft Powerword
    -   SPSS 16 (network version)

CSC bookmarks 08/09

Updated bookmarks for academic year 2008/2009 will be distributed to students and staff in September. The bookmarks provide information on quick links to access CSC and MPI services, as well as some general information regarding Macao.

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