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  Network Bandwidth Control
  In order to strengthen the monitoring and control of campus network traffic, and to maintain the Internet access bandwidth to a satisfactory level, CSC implemented a network bandwidth management gateway. Mission critical and interactive network traffics are given higher priority in order to ensure the performance, and specific network traffic, which have been determined to be invasive or detrimental to network performance such as P2P applications and online games, have been blocked.
Blocked Network Traffics / Applications:
1) P2P file sharing applications: BitTorrents, eXeem, KaZaA, Gnutella, eDonkey ..., etc.
2) Online network games: WorldeOfWarcraft, Half-Life, Quake, Doom, Unreal ..., etc.
  Users are urged not to use P2P applications using campus Internet bandwidth. Offending users will be recorded for follow up actions.

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