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  Access to Users' Files and Mail Policy


Files placed on our network servers are only accessible by those who have rights to the folders they are placed in, as follows:

• U: drive (for personal use) - is exclusively accessible by its own user;

• P: drive (for departmental use) is accessible by members of the relevant department.

In addition, there is a Domain Administrator account with rights to access these areas. Only authorized CSC staff members know the details of the Domain Administrator account (username and password).

The Domain Administrator may access the user’s U: drive only under the following circumstances:

• under certain conditions when requested by the school’s director / department head AND with approval from the Institute’s Management Board;

• when requested by the Police or other civil authorities with a legal reason;

• when asked by the staff member for sorting out a problem with its own account;

• when required for system administrative purposes e.g. backup, copying files to new disks.

In most of these cases, the procedures used do not involve viewing the folders and files contents or even their names by the administrator. Similar rules also apply to mail folders when stored on MPI mail servers. Files saved on MPI servers are more secure and reliable than those saved on local workstations. Backup of files saved on MPI servers is performed on a regular basis.

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