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  Anti-Spyware Software
  Spyware is the adopted designation for any unwanted software that is installed on the computer without full acknowledgement from the user with the purpose of "stealing" personal data. Besides collecting and secretly sending the user personal information, it slows down both Web surfing and computer performance and may cause frequent computer crashes. Here is a more detailed definition of spyware from Webopedia.
  Spyware can be installed in your computer when you install some "free" software, when you visit some websites or through pop-up windows.
  Although some spyware can be considered "benign" - consisting only of "cookies" that track how many times you visit a commercial website and send back that information to the owner of that website - there are spyware applications that may be extremely harmful, at the user privacy level. This kind of spyware will detect and send back to their owners your personal data, such as the login information required to access your bank account or the credit card number.
  Preventing/Removing Spyware Installation
  Besides the protection provided through anti-spyware software, it is recommended to follow some precaution rules, such as, not downloading unknown software from the Internet or through P2P file sharing networks, not opening .exe files of doubtful origin and not opening or spreading suspicious or unsolicited e-mail.
  Install anti-spyware protection software, such as:

. Spybot - Search and Destroy
. Microsoft Windows Defender
. Lavasoft Ad Aware

  Windows Defender has both functions of alert, if it detects an attempt of software installation and repair, removing the spyware from the computer. The other two are repair-only software.
  Remember to update frequently the definitions list of the software to keep it able to detect and identify the latest threats.
  Type (part of) the name of the Spyware you are looking for:


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