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  Anti-Spam Mail System

  On March 15, 2004, CSC has implemented an anti-spam system for helping you to filter spam emails from your mailbox. Email messages that come from the Internet to MPI will be scanned by the anti-spam system.
  Any email message which is classed as spam will be marked with *****SPAM***** in the subject before being delivered to you.
  The anti-spam system will only modify the subject of the message. It will not filter or delete any mail by itself and it will not change the message contents.
  You can set up a simple 'rule' in your email client (Netscape, Outlook Express, Outlook or Webmail) to move all suspected spam messages to a named mail folder. Then you can check if any legimate mails are wrongly classed as spam in this folder before deleting them.
  Instructions for setting up spam filtering in the mail software can be found at the following links:
  Microsfot Outlook Express -
  Netscape -
  Web Mail -

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