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  Information for New Academic Staff
  This page is a brief introduction to Computer Service Centre (CSC) services providing a quick guide to new academic staff. Detailed information regarding IT facilities can be found on the Campus Computing Facilities Handbook.
NetID Computer Accounts
  NetID Computer Accounts enable staff to access services such as MPI email address, file storage and printing services and other MPI management systems.

A NetID Computer Account will be created automatically on the contract start day.
The initial NetPassword is set by CSC and we recommend that users change it later to a personal one.
Detailed information about NetID Computer Accounts can be found in the following pages:

IT Facilities and Services for Teaching
  All classrooms, including computer labs (PC and Mac) and multimedia language labs are equipped with a desktop computer, a ceiling mounted projector and an audio system. The projector can also support other AV equipments for video and audio broadcast.
  The multimedia language labs are also equiped with a language-specific system, Infinity DLL, and the labs A307 and A315 have another system, the Sanako Lab100.
  Instructions for operating with classroom IT facilities are provided in the following pages:

. Login to the teacher's computer in classrooms and labs

. Using classroom IT Facilities

. Computer Labs

. Using Infinity DLL in Multimedia Language Labs (Headquarters)

. Using Sanako Lab100 in Multimedia Language Lab A315 (Headquarters)

. Regulations, opening hours and booking procedures of computer labs

  Classrooms and labs may be booked for non-scheduled activities provided that they are available. Staff can check online their availability through the Campus Venue Management System - CVMS.
  Classroom Attendance Management System - CAMS
  Students' attendance to classes is recorded through the Classroom Attendance Management Sistem - CAMS. Detailed information about how to use CAMS is provided in this page and in this demo (Intranet access only).
  Online Learning Platform
  Academic staff may use the online learning platform, Blackboard, to create online courses for supplementing classroom activities. To set up a Blackboard course, follow this procedure. CSC highly recommend academic staff to use Blackboard in order to enhance teaching and learning.
  On 2012-2013, CSC will start testing another elearning platform, Canvas LMS. Teachers interested in trying this new software may request CSC to provide a trial.
  Turnitin Anti-plagiarism Service
  Turnitin is an online anti-plagiarism service available for MPI's teachers who conduct English-medium classes. Teachers interested in using Turnitin may check this page for details and request an account by sending an email to CSC.
Other IT Services
  Web Mail
  Users can check their email by setting their preferred email software or by using Web Mail. Email Quota is 250 Mbytes for full-time staff and 100 Mbytes for Part-time staff. Please, manage your mail regularly in order to not exceed this quota, thus disabling email communication.
  Service Request Management System - SRMS
  This service, SRMS, enables users to report problems and get information in 3 areas:

1. Computer Service and Support

2. Personnel Information (Time attendance, leave information, etc.)

3. Repair Service for Classroom and Office Equipment

  After login, users get a full list of services available. Please, use SRMS to report problems with IT equipment and request its repair. More details about SRMS.
  Electronic Document Management System - EDMS
  EDMS is a web-based document management system that allows filing, distributing and finding institute-related information (memos, regulations, minutes, etc.). It can only be accessed within campus.
  Web Conferencing Service - Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a Web-based communication system that allows users to conduct online meetings. The system can be used by any MPI's staff member when there is the need to contact or meet people who are abroad. Staff interested in hosting a meeting with Adobe Acrobat Connect may contact CSC by sending an email to: More details about Adobe Connect Meetings.


WIRE is MPI's portal for staff and students. After login, users are able to view/upload school and department related documents, participate in discussion forums, create individual blogs and collaborate with others.


  Forms to download
  All administrative departments have their own forms listed in MPI web site. Go to, select the unit under Administrative Units and the Forms to Download (Intranet) link will be displayed at the left menu. The forms are stored in EDMS and you must login to access them.


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