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  Minimum Information Technology (IT) Proficiency Requirements
  Description of the minimum IT Proficiency Requirements
1. Familiarization with campus computing facilities

. Available campus computing facilities, access regulations
. Computer account access, login, logout, change password, etc.
. Hardware, software purchase procedure
. Computing facilities and services problem reporting

2. Word Processing Software

. use MS Word to prepare administrative documents, lecture notes, assignments, examination papers

3. Presentation Software

. conduct presentations, lectures, seminars using MS PowerPoint

4. Spreadsheet

.use of MS Excel to analyse numerical data, track and analyze student course marks, input final examination marks, and class attendance records which can be used to import to the Student Information Management System.

5. Popular Internet Applications

. Use Email or webmail to communicate with colleagues and associates
. Web browser and search engine to locate reference material available from Internet
. Use Internet or Intranet applications that the Computer Service Centre provides
. Take web-based training courses using WebCT

6. Use of Management Information Systems (MIS)

. Proficient use of the various MIS provided by the Computer Service Centre.

7. Use of WebCT to setup the online part of their courses (academic staff only)

. Communicate with students using the WebCT Email accounts, discussion & chat room
. Post course outline, schedule, announcement, lecture notes, course reference material, setup online quizzes


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