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Quick Guide for New Users of Blackboard (Students)
  This guide provides an introduction to Blackboard and shows you how to access your Blackboard course(s), explains the features on the opening screen, and describes the functions of the standard icons used on a course.
About Blackboard  
  Blackboard Learning System CE6 is a software designed mainly for distance education, but it can also enhance learning when used as a complement to traditional classes.
Access to Blackboard  
  Blackboard can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.
Logging into Blackboard
  1. In the browser go to:
  2.  Click on the Log In button.
  3. Enter your NetID and NetPassword in the User name and Password fields respectively and click the OK button.

The Log in screen

  The User name for Blackboard is your NetID, the same as in your MPI email account.

Your password is your Macao ID card number without any spaces or "/".

If this doesn't work, e-mail (make sure you include your name and student ID number) in order to get a new password.
My Blackboard
  When you enter Blackboard, the first page you see is called "My Blackboard ". This page is a personalised page that displays sets or channels of information. The page below is just an example of a My Blackboard page. 

The main channel is the Course List channel, which provides links to your courses. The other channels contain links to campus, course, or personal information.
The My Blackboard page

  Besides the courses list, note the following channels in the main area of My Blackboard page:
  Calendar Day
The calendar tool allows you to view and create dated reminders. Entries can be viewed for a day, week, or textbold. This link displays entries added to the current day.

  To Do List
This space can be used to create a personal to do list.
  My Grades
Whenever grades are released for a course in which you are enrolled, this channel displays a link to the grade.

  External Courses
This space can be used to create links to non-Blackboard Learning System online courses in which you are enrolled.

  Calendar Week
This link displays entries added to the current week.
  Campus Announcements
This channel displays announcements that have been sent to the campus or to Blackboard Learning System users who are enrolled in certain roles..

  Personal Bookmarks
This area can be used to create links to your favorite web sites for an easy access.
  Campus Bookmarks
Contains links to web pages and web sites provided by MPI.
  Who's online
It displays the number of users currently online in each of your Blackboard Learning System courses. You can access their names and send an invitation for a real-time chat session to one or more of those users.

  Items Located At the Top Right:
  My Settings
In My Settings you may:

. view and edit your profile. You can insert your first and last name and e-mail address.
. change your password.
. set options for tools such as Mail and Calendar.
. view all of your current enrollment information through My Roles .

  Check Browser
You can use the Check Browser tool to determine if your browser type and version are supported and if all the required components are correctly installed. For more information on browser requirements, go to:
An online Help is always available within Blackboard. You will access help topics that are relevant to the screen you are viewing.
  Log Out
Click on this link to leave Blackboard.
My Blackboard toolbar
  This toolbar contains links to customise Channels (add or remove), Colour and Layout as well as icons to access the Mail and Calendar tools.

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