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Introduction to Turnitin
  Turnitin is an online anti-plagiarism service available for MPI's teachers who conduct English-medium classes. Turnitin checks uploaded articles/texts against a database of web documents and other uploaded texts. It also stores all submissions and compares new submissions with previous ones.
  Texts or papers submitted to Turnitin will be compared against:

. The Internet

. Papers submitted to Turnitin by other students, including MPI's students and all other universities using the system

. Commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals.

  Then, Turnitin provides an originality report for each article, identifying the original sources, in case of similar content.
  Reports provide a percentage figure for how much of the submitted text appears to be copied, if any, and a list of any source documents and the URLs. Original and source documents can be opened simultaneously in order to compare text. Copied text in each document, original and source, is highlighted for ease of comparison.
  Teachers interested in using Turnitin, please see the Instructions for Teachers.
  Papers submissions to Turnitin can be done either by teachers or students. In the last case, if your teacher requested you to submit your work to Turnitin, please read the Instructions for Students.
  Teachers interested in using Turnitin may contact CSC in order to get an account and get to know how it works.
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