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Instructions for Teachers
  1. Getting a Turnitin account
  2. Setting up a Class
  3. Setting up Assignments
  4. Adding Students to Class List (Optional)
  5. Submitting Papers for Plagiarism Check (Optional)
  6. The Originality Report
  1. Getting a Turnitin account:

You may request CSC to create an account for you by sending one email to CSC containing: Your name, your MPI email address and phone number.
After the account setup, you will receive an email with your password and login details.


As the system is entirely web-based, you will have to login in Turnitin web site, using your email address and the password provided. You will be able to change this temporary password for your own one after login.

  When logging in for the first time, you will be presented with a wizard allowing to change your password and create classes.
  2. Setting up a Class

To create a class, click on "add a class" and enter:

. the "class name",
. an "enrollment password"
. and the "class end date".
Within each class, you may create assignments for students.

  If you want students to access the originality report, change to "Yes". If not, choose the default "No".
If you want students to submit papers by themselves, take note of the class ID and enrollment password to give to the students.
  3. Setting up Assignments
  Assignments must be created within each class:
. Click on a class name to enter the class.
. Click on "Create a new assignment"
. Type the assignment title, grade and deadlines.
  The "advanced assignment options" lets you customise each assignment regarding Originality Reports, search options and whether the papers submitted will be indexed in the standard paper repository or not. Choose "Submit papers to no repository" if you don't want the papers to be stored in Turnitin database.
  4. Adding Students to Class List (Optional)
  There are two ways to give students access to your class:

1. You may give them the class ID number (next to the left of the class name) and the enrollment password and ask them to go login to Turnitin web site, click on "enroll in a class" and enter the class ID number and enrollment password.

Note: If the students are accessing Turnitin for the 1st time, ask them to click on "New Users". They will be requested to enter the class ID number and enrollment password.

2. You may enroll the students manually or by uploading the students list into Turnitin.

  The students list must be correctly formated as follows (first name, last name, e-mail address):
John, Doe,
Sally, Smith,
Billy, Wong,
Dina, Chang,

The list may be submitted as a text file (.txt), Word file (.doc) or Excel file (.xls). Downloadable templates of the students list are available: Text file, Word and E



Note: Once the students list is uploaded, Turnitin creates automatically students accounts and they will receive an email with their own login details.

  5. Submitting Papers for Plagiarism Check (Optional)
  Turnitin accepts submissions in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, plain text, and HTML formats.
  To have students work checked by Turnitin, two options are available:

1. You can allow students access to the class and assignments and have them uploading their own work.

2. You can upload students work into Turnitin after they give you a soft copy of their work (by email, CD, etc)..

  If you prefer to upload by yourself the students work, you will have to lock their access to the class, by clicking the green locker next to the student name and confirm that you want to lock the access. Then, the locker will turn red.
  You may choose your preferred option.
  To submit by yourself the students' papers to an assignment, click the submit icon next to the desired assignment on your class homepage
  Then, you will have four ways available for submitting the paper(s). Click the "submit a paper by" drop-down menu to view all the four options:

file upload (used to submit a single paper in file format: Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, PostScript, plain text, and HTML);
cut and paste (used to submit a paper in a non-accepted file format or to submit shorter text segments, by cutting and pasting the text into a text box)
bulk upload (used to submit multiple papers in file format, just like adding attachments to an e-mail)
zip file (used to submit multiple papers as a single zip file)

  Fill-in the corresponding fields, click "Choose File" to browse your computer and select the file(s) to upload and click the "submit" button to finish.
  6. The Originality Report
  After uploading students papers, Turnitin generates an originality report for each work, that indicates an Overall Similarity Index (the % of the student text similar to other sources) and detailed information about the % of similar segments of text with links to the sources of each segment.
  For a preview of how to use Turnitin, please:

- Watch the Turnitin Instructor Training Movie (a general introduction to Turnitin)


- Watch the Originality Report Training Movie (a detailed view of the Originality Report)

  Turnitin Documentation
  . Instructors Quick Start Guide (PDF file)
  . Turnitin Instructors Guide (PDF file)
  Teachers interested in using Turnitin may contact CSC in order to get an account and get to know how it works.

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