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MPI Secured Wireless Connection Manual (WPA)


  Step 1: Wireless Network Card Installation
  If you are using a WLAN card that is not recognized and supported by Windows XP natively, you may install the driver manually. Please follow steps described in installation guide that comes with your WLAN card or wireless device. (Some WLAN card may have their Wi-Fi access client software, please download them from official website and install them. You may not get the SSID from the Wireless Network connection if you use the Windows XP native access client)
Step 2: Configure Wireless LAN Settings
  1.  Click "Start", "Connect to" and then choose "Show all connections" from the menu. All available network connections will be shown similar to the following figure. 
  2.  Right-click the "Wireless Network Connection" icon and choose the "Properties" option from the pop-up menu.
  3.  Click on the "Wireless Networks" tab to change the wireless LAN settings. Press the "Add" button to add a new connection profile.
  4. Enter the following to configure the "Association" properties:
  Select the "Authentication" tab and enter the following settings to change the authentication properties:
  Click on the "Properties" button and enter the following to configure the "Protected EAP Properties" window.
  Click on the "Configure..." button to prohibit Windows from using your Windows logon name and password in the authentication:
  5. Press "OK" buttons to close the "EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties" and "Protected EAP Properties" windows until you get back to the "Wireless network properties" window. Choose the "Connection" tab and check the "Connect when this network is in range" box.
  Press "OK" button to save the settings. You will see the newly created connection profile in the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" window:
  Step 3: Using MPI WLAN(WPA Secured)
  1.    Click on the "View Wireless Networks" button in the the "Wireless Network Connection Properties" window. 2. The "Wireless Network Connection" window shows all available wireless networks. Select the "MPI_WPA" and press the "Connect" button to establish wireless LAN connection.
  2. The "Wireless Network Connection" window shows all available wireless networks. Select the "MPI_WPAConnect" button to establish wireless LAN connection.
  Wait until you see a small dialog box in the system tray asking you to click and make connection to the selected "MPI_WPA".
  3. Right-click the icon and you will be prompted for the credentials. Enter your login name, password and leave the "Logon domain" box empty to establish the connection.
  4.    You can now access the campus network or the Internet upon successful login.
  Important: When you successfully log on to network using PEAP, your credentials are automatically stored in the computer for later use. Hence, the system will not ask for your credentials the next time your wireless device connects to the wireless LAN. If you want to be prompted for the credentials again, you will have to clear the cached credential manually. Please visit for details.

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