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User Guide — Connecting to MPI Wireless Network

MPI Wireless Network allows the institute's students and staff to access campus information services from almost anywhere on campus. It covers all classrooms, laboratories, library, auditorium and exhibition halls at the headquarters. MPI Wireless Newtork is capable of running latest wireless network standard 802.11n (providing up to 300Mbps) and 802.11b/g standards.



  • A properly configured 802.11b/g/n compliance wireless device, such as notebook computer, PDA, mobile phone.

  • A Valid NetID & NetPassword (same as Windows AD account & Email). NetIDs are provided to all staff and curricular program students upon employment/registration.

Step by Step Instructions:

There are two methods for connecting to the MPI wireless network:


1. Secure Connection via 802.1x (WPA)

2. Insecure Connection via Web Logon

  CSC strongly recommends users to use the method 1, i.e. the secure connection for the sake of data privacy and protection. The insecure connection should not be used unless your device does not support WPA and data privacy is not important.
MPI Wireless Network
Connection Method

802.1x (WPA) Logon

Web Logon
Time limit

Unlimited access

User Name <NetID>
Password <NetPassword>
Windows XP
Step by Step Guide

802.1x (WPA) Logon

Web Logon

More Information and Related Notices:

Notice 03/2009 : New Wireless Network Infrastructure/Introducing 802.1x (WPA) Authentication


Security Precautions:

When connecting to any wireless network, you must follow some additional security precautions in order to avoid potential attacks to your personal data. This page outlines some basic procedures that can increase your safety while using a wireless network.


Should you need further assistance, please contact our helpdesk staff at room A201, HQ (Email:


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